Corky 'The Cat' (as nicknamed by Eurosport's Carlton Kirby) spent 3 years training and sold the family home back in 2013 to fulfil his dream of competing in the Dakar Rally. His 1st attempt in 2015 ended suddenly at the end of day 4 with a crash resulting in a few broken bones. He returned in 2016 where a mechanical problem finally saw him exit the event at the end of day 12. Go Trail Riding was set up to help get raise the funds needed for Corky to reach his Everest. He is back in training and hoping to return to the start line in 2019

Trail Riding

Come trail riding in the South West and be part of Corky's 2016 Dakar Adventure

Devon alone has a vast and varied network of over 1,000 legal lanes offering beautiful scenery and/or challenging riding. Jon and Corky regularly take part in trials, enduro, and rally competitions, and have routes tailored to enduro bikes or the larger adventure bikes.

We offer experiences from scenic rides to the beach, to a tour of the many technical climbs (Slippery Sam, Tally Ho, Simms Hill, Tipley, Tillerton, and The Devils Steps to name a few), and lanes used in the famous MCC events here in Devon and Cornwall.

Guiding funds will help to fund Corky's 2019 Dakar campaign

All bikes must be road legal and please remember you are here to go trail riding and not racing!

More pictures can be found here: Go Trail Riding Photos